exhibition architecture for Verlörung at Art Berlin

curated by Tenzing Barshee


A 100 sqm collective booth in a Salon format, brought together more than 50 works (from more than 40 galleries). The exhibition design had to display this large number of artworks, some of which were big format paintings and sculptures. So the first operation was to understand how to achieve a maximum amount of wall surface in a 100 sqm plan, while maintaining a good space to experience the artworks. The strategy adopted was filling the art fair booth with large segmented volumes which maximised the wall space at the expense of floor space. The resulting experience was akin to a labyrinth which forces viewers to be closer to the artworks which sometimes occupied the whole surface of the walls. The interesting side effect is that this exhibition was impossible to photograph, which was an implied critique to established exhibition formats in art fairs: physical, embodied experience was prioritised rather than mediated representation.

contemporary art daily